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STS was formed in 2005 by a network of three environmental transport consultants who realised there was a need for both the public and private sector to have access to a wider sustainable transport knowledge base and project management service.

STS Consultancy gives you access to a unique body of expertise and offers a complete strategic and technical advisory service to address the environmental and social impacts of transport. The core STS team includes the company's three directors.
Guy Hitchcock Dr Guy Hitchcock has considerable expertise in policy and strategy work, and the evaluation and monitoring of new transport schemes and technologies. He has worked extensively for UK Government, local authorities and the European Commission.

Key experience: Policy development (air quality, energy use, climate change); Technical advice (vehicle emissions, alternative fuels); ‘Green’ fleet management and business travel.
Simon Collings Simon Collings specialises in 'green' fleet management and travel behaviour. He has extensive experience of working with both public and private sector organisations to reduce the environmental impacts of their transport activities.

Key experience: 'Green' fleet management; Grey fleet management; Travel plans and behaviour change; Environmental assessments of transport policies, programmes and measures.
Ben Lane Dr Ben Lane offers expertise in life cycle assessments of cleaner vehicle technologies, and consumer attitudes to transport. Previous clients include UK and local Government, and key agencies such as the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

Key experience: Life cycle analysis of cleaner fuels and vehicles; Car-buyer attitudes in relation to cleaner vehicles; Design of vehicle taxation to promote low carbon vehicles.