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CVP Seminar
17th October 2014

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October 2014

Welcome to the Heathrow CVP

The Clean Vehicles Partnership helps Heathrow companies reduce emissions from their fleet operations.
The Partnership facilitates collaborative working amongst Heathrow fleet operators and provides free advice, guidance and training to reduce emissions.

CVP benefits & services

Full members receive free consultancy advice, eco-driver training, emissions monitoring tools and support in setting up and monitoring clean vehicle trials at Heathrow. The CVP also presents seminars and workshops throughout the year to promote information sharing and networking.

Members resources

Full members are able to access all areas of the CVP website inlcuding emissions tools and vehicle trials information (login required):
CO2 and NOx emissions tools
Clean vehicle and GSE trials
Eco-driver training (coming soon)

CVP news & events

CVP seminars focus on the latest advances in vehicle technology and transport policy, and provide an opportunity for operators and vehicle suppliers to meet. The CVP also publishes a regular newsletter to update members on the latest news and upcoming events.

Sustainability at Heathrow

Through the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership and the CVP, BAA is committed to minimising Heathrow airport's impact on the environment (climate change and air quality) and on the local community.
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Citaro fuel cell bus
Citaro fuel cell bus
Electric car on rapid charge
Electric car on rapid charge
Diesel pushback tractor
Diesel pushback tractor
Electric cargo loader
Electric cargo loader