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CVP Seminar
17th October 2014

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October 2014

CVP benefits & services

Two levels of CVP membership are available: Full and Associate. Full members have access to all CVP services and support including consultancy and advice, driver-training and vehicle trials. All members are able to benefit from attending CVP events and information sharing through contact with other members.

Full membership

Full members are entitled to the following:
Free consultancy: providing assistance with emissions monitoring, setting emission reduction targets and identifying cost-effective actions;
Ad-hoc consultancy: telephone and e-mail support on specific issues as they arise;
Support for trials: support is provided to help set up and monitor vehicle trials and, if required, facilitate cost sharing with other members;
Free eco-driver training: opportunities for van, bus, coach and HGV drivers to receive free eco-driver training;

Full CVP members are required to monitor fleet emissions and share the data with BAA, and set targets and actions to reduce fleet emissions of CO2 and NOx. The Partnership provides the necessary tools and guidance required.

Associate membership

Associate members are entitled to attend all CVP seminars and share information with other CVP members. Clean vehicles consultancy is also available on an ad-hoc basis.

CVP membership benefits
(full and associate) [50kB]

Become a CVP member

For more information about how to become a member of the Clean Vehicles Partnership, or to contact CVP regarding any of the Partnership's activities, complete the form on the Contact CVP page and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.