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Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership website

STS Resources

In developing in-house tools and working on behalf of our clients, STS generates a large number of resources, many of which we are able to place in the public domain. All the resources shown on this page are available for download. Note that STS resources are grouped thematically.

Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership (CVP)

2003-ongoing: Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership: The CVP is a programme managed by STS to help reduce emissions from ground vehicles at Heathrow. The project has developed a number of support tools and information, and provides regular seminars to member companies at Heathrow. More information will soon be available on a new CVP website.

Technology assessment

2010: Market delivery of ULCVs in the UK: An evidence review to assess the existing level of knowledge regarding the market adoption of ultra-low carbon vehicles with a particular focus on demand-side issues. Conducted for the RAC Foundation.
Final report: Market delivery of ULCVs in the UK [2MB]

2009: Biomethane Toolkit: Working for Cenex, STS developed a set of tools and information to allow local authorities and others to assess the practicalities of using biomethane as a vehicle fuel. The information element of the toolkit is provided for download below. For use of the calculation tools please contact us at
Toolkit: Cenex biomethane toolkit 2009 [14MB]

2008: BioNett Training support: The development of training materials to build capacity on biofuel knowledge within European Energy Agencies.
Data sheet: Biofuels [200kB]

Fact sheet: Bioethanol [200kB]
Fact sheet: Biodiesel [200kB]
Fact sheet: Biomethane [200kB]
Presentation: Economics-of-biofuel-production-and-use [1MB]

2006:Role of biogas as a transport fuel: This study carried out for the former NSCA, examined the potential for biogas to play a role in the UK transport energy mix.
Report: Biogas as a transport fuel [1.2MB]

Air quality and carbon management

2011: Oxford low emissions strategy; an integrated approach to air quality and climate change: This study developed an overarching emissions reduction strategy for the city covering all carbon and air quality related emissions.
Final report: Oxford LES main report [2MB]

2011: Analysis of carbon reduction measures for LTP3: This analysis used a transport and carbon emissions model to assess the potential carbon savings from a range of local emissions reduction scenarios in Devon.
Final report: Devon LTP3 Carbon Analysis [400kB]

2010: Assessment of the impact of national policy measures on local carbon emissions: This project set out to assess the impact of national policy on local carbon emissions. A set of baseline line data was developed for all top tier authorities in the SW along with a tool the estimated the impact of national policy on carbon emissions in each sector.
Final report: REIP Final report [1MB]

2010: Transport and Carbon Emissions Evidence for Regional DaSTS study: As part of a wider DaSTS study for the Devon and Cornwall area we developed and transport and carbon emissions evidence base, including the development of a transport and carbon model.
Final report: DaSTS Evidence base report [1.2MB]

2009: Analysis of measures to meet air quality objectives in Exeter through the LTP: This study carried out a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the LTP on air quality in Exeter. Emissions forecasting tools where used along with a transport model to assess the current LTP and future scenarios out to 2020.
Final report: Exeter AQ report [6.2MB]

2005: CO2 Assessment of the Greater Bristol Joint LTP: An assessment of the CO2 emissions implications of a number of LTP scenarios.
Final report: Bristol City Council LTP CO2 final report [1MB]

Fleet management and business travel

2006: Suffolk Business Travel Benchmarking study: This study reviewed business travel levels and business travel policies in Suffolk County Council, benchmarking this against other authorities and developing an action plan for improvement.
Final report: SCC Final report [300kB]

2004-2010: EST Green Fleet Reviews: STS members have carried out over 100 fleet reviews of private and publicsector fleets as part of the EST Green Fleet Review programme. A selection of review reports are listed below.
Final report: Environment Agency Green Fleet Review [800kB]

Final report: Bristol City Council Green Fleet Review [3.1MB]

Life cycle assessment

2008: Biofuels LCA Report: Life cycle assessment of biofuels to inform the Camden Council's biofuels strategy. Conducted for the the London Borough of Camden.
Final report: Biofuels LCA Report 2008 [1MB]

2006: Life Cycle Assessment of Vehicle Fuels and Technologies: Research project to assess the life cycle environmental impacts of commercially available road vehicle fuels and technologies in the UK. Conducted for the the London Borough of Camden.
Summary: Vehicle LCA Report 2006 [0.3MB]
Final report: Vehicle LCA Report 2006 [1MB]
Appendices: Vehicle LCA Report 2006 [0.3MB]

Consumer issues

2010: Improved environmental information for consumers: Original research to identify the most easily understood type and format of information that car buyers require relating to the environmental performance of cars and vans. Conducted for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).
Final report: LowCVP Car Buyer Survey 2010 [2.6MB]
Appendices: LowCVP Car Buyer Survey 2010 [2.5MB]

2010: Car CO2 Internet Survey: Survey to quantify how potential buyers of new cars locate and understand CO2 information on manufactures' UK websites. Conducted for the Energy Saving Trust, Friends of the Earth Europe and We Are Futureproof.
Final report: Car CO2 Internet Survey 2010 [2MB]
Appendices: Car CO2 Internet Survey 2010 [1MB]

2009: Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) Survey: Focus group survey to ascertain the attitudes of London-based residents and businesses towards alternatively fuelled vehicles (including battery-electric and hybrid cars). Conducted for the London Borough of Camden.
Final report: Camden AFV Survey 2009 [1MB]

2008: From Mpg Paradox to Mpg Illusion: Interview-based survey of car buyers which identified the main consumer attitudes that are influencing the recent market shift to smaller cars in the UK. Conducted for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).
Final report: Car Buyer Survey 2008 [0.3MB]

2006: Review of Public Attitudes to Climate Change and Transport Behaviour: Project to improve the evidence base for policy concerning climate change and travel choices. Conductd for Department for Transport.
Summary: Public Attitudes Report 2006 [0.4MB]
Final report: Public Attitudes Report 2006 [4MB]

2005: Car buyer research report: First phase of research investigating consumer attitudes to low carbon and fuel-efficient passenger cars. Conducted for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).
Final report: Car Buyer Research Report 2005 [1MB]